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For anyone who has purchased an authentic oriental rug, it is probably among one of your most cherished possessions. Oriental rugs can bring a room to life with their vibrancy and intricate patterns. They are comfortable to the touch and an expression of each its owners. Unique as they are they require maintenance just as anything else in your home. But with their size and cost this is not a job you want to take on without any considerations.

Carpet cleaning can be one of the most cumbersome jobs for most of us, yet it’s one of those chores which can not be avoided. If you are a regular do it yourselfer the job can be done at home. Only those who follow the washing instructions to the letter will achieve the desired results. Since oriental rugs are made of the finest wools you must be careful not to over saturate the rug which can result in mold and mildew.

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Here are a few tips for lightly cleaning your oriental rug on your own. Carpets also include spot removers and rust removers which ensure that the carpet cleaning work is done in the best possible level. The same holds true for Oriental rug too, up to a certain extent. Oriental rugs are flat pieces of hand woven and piled fabric originating generally from the Middle or the Far East.

They generally come from countries like China, Afghanistan, India, Pakistan and Turkey. Oriental rugs are not made anywhere else. Before starting designate an area to perform the task at hand. The area should extend well beyond the borders of the rug allowing room for the water to escape

Also it is preferable if done outdoors that you use an area such as your driveway. If there is an area where your driveway dips down occupy that space. This will make it easier for the excess water to drain off. Your driveway should be swept prior to remove any loose dirt from the area that will be in use. If you are able a fresh tarp placed underneath will guarantee a clean area.

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Oriental rug cleaning is also done by a special process. Initially, all the dirt is dusted off the rugs and the rug cleaned by the deep pile process which removes any kind of debris that could have been left off by brushing. Just in case it is required, moth-proofing is also done to increase the longevity of the rug. That apart in case the rug has any kind of stain, special cleaners are used on to the stains to remove them and restore the original look and color of the rug.

Have your tools and cleaners ready prior to the start. The last thing you want is to be unprepared and allow a step to wait until you have found the next item. The water on the rug needs to be kept moving once the process has begun.

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Whether rug or carpet, users are advised to follow certain tips with them even apart from the services of a professional carpet cleaning services that they may seek from time to time.Once you have completed the rug cleaning process the rug will need to be placed somewhere any from moisture. Do not take on this job if the weather is either rainy or humid.

Line portable fans around the rug placed as the instructions suggest. This will not only allow the rug to dry sooner but also again take away the risk for mold or mildew.It is advisable to vacuum the rug or the carpet at least once a week, use indoor and outdoor mats to hinder the spread of dust and mites, have a protector regularly applied on stain resistant carpets, also vacuum under the rugs once in a while to remove any loose dirt that may be there.

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Also check the reverse side as well with the same process.If you are worried about damaging your prized Oriental rug, there are several cleaning companies that specialize in Oriental rug cleaning. Consider contacting such a company before taking on what can be a challenging task yourself.

There are scores of good carpet cleaners who are available in the New York and the Tri state area.Connecticut also has its share of premier carpet cleaners. As mentioned before, generally some of the carpet cleaning companies which has its services in the state of New York, do have its services in the Tri state area as well.

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